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About Of Mobicarupdate.com

Our intention behind creating this blog is to update you with the all new and upcoming tech and automobiles.

Our teammates are-

1. Shantanu Das: Shantanu is a boy of 17. He loves to play with the gadgets and he writes it down.

2. Sk Shaka: He is also in same age and he loves tech. He writes all about tech and update us on the upcoming.

3. Ranit Kundu: This boy also 17 years old and he is a biker. He loves bike more than anything and he writes about the bikes with all of his biking knowledge.

4. Pritam Pal: He is in the same age, in fact, we all are classmates. He loves cars and other automobiles. He tries to inform us about the all-new generation of cars and automobiles.

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